Use a smaller space.

Make a bigger impact.

Higher quality

Make defects history

Say goodbye to defects and hello to 100% inspection. What is it? Why should you be using it? And what are its future applications? Let’s find out.

Print perfection

The Pragati label printing company of central India are on to something big. They use a combination of Guardian OLP and PQV 100% Print Inspection to establish print-quality perfection that every major brand trusts.

Better reputation

Show your true colors

Never fade, never fail. ACM Plastics was the first in Europe to use LED-UV curing technology for flexible packaging perfection. Learn about their journey in this fascinating video.

Time to shine

How can you eliminate pre-press and pressroom defects for spotless results every time? India’s Kumar Labels uses an innovative combination of offline proofing and inspection systems. If it’s also your time to shine, take a look at this.

More knowledge

Know your space

Have you surveyed the printing landscape? If not, we’ve got your back. The invaluable results of our thorough investigation of print publications, magazines, outlets and events can be found here.

Stay Trendy

What’s hip in the world of narrow web? Stay up to date on the most fashionable trends in this dynamic field of our industry.

Hearing is believing

Listen to the Podfather himself, PQV 4.0 chief engineer John Cusack, as he details the ins and outs of the magic of simplified automated inspection.