Create so much more than a box.

Craft an experience.

Higher quality

Autopilot your plant

Learn from those who already did it. See how Dusobox CEO John Kelley found the innovation and solution he needed for automatic cleaning and more.

LED the way

It’s faster, smarter and more efficient. So why hasn’t the industry embraced wide-format LED curing over IR drying? A look at the whys, and what might be coming next.

Better business

Save your energy

Power bills stressing you out? It’s time to save your energy cost (and even your environmental impact). Learn how parabolic ceramic light deflection equals 30% electricity savings compared with standard IR drying methods.

Think outside the box

As operators look to become more productive and efficient, they need to think outside the, you guessed it, corrugated fiberboard box.

Count on IR drying

Can IR drying save your business money, time and emissions? Calculate the impact IR drying can have on finances and energy consumption with this handy online calculator tool.

More safety

Can’t touch this

Can taking a hands-off approach to plate cleaning dramatically increase safety? Not only that, but it can increase productivity and decrease water usage.